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  1. Hi @vitor, First of all, congratulations on the product πŸ™‚ I was using Google Drive's workflow up until a few weeks ago, and then it stopped working for some reason. I just reinstalled the workflow, but I am unable to get it working again. I tried building the cache by hitting the option below, and also by running this command (:gdrebuildcache) in Alfred's search box. Could you let me know what else I need to do to get it working again? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys! When I search for a folder I always get two (redundant) results: .Encrypted. Not useful because it doesn't contain the files I am expecting β€”it is an empty folderβ€”. My Drive. The one I use, it contains all the files it actually has. How can I get rid of the .Encrypted search result? I'd rather hide it because sometimes I click on the wrong search result (.Encrypted) by mistake, and I need to search again and click on the correct search result (My Drive). Looking forward to your comments πŸ™‚ Thank you!
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