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  1. OS X 10.8.4 Alfred 2 (with Powerpack) 2.0.7 When I paste into the "Input Box" I always get my email address, "m@g.com". I can copy and paste between other applications but no matter what is in my paste buffer, alfred always gets "m@g.com". The only app which when I copy from and paste into alfred input box works is Sparrow. Does this have anything to do with Sandboxing in 10.8 and Sparrow is my only not signed app (has not been updated since 2011). Thanks - Matt
  2. Nevermind this issue is solved, used different email client, the other client appears to copy and paste but uses the contents don't show in pbpaste, I was able to activate my license.
  3. I cannot paste the License into the overlay to activate my powerpack. I verified I had copied the license because I could paste it into a textedit document. On the edit menu the paste cmd is greyed out Version 2.0.7 (205) OS X 10.8.4 - Matt
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