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  1. There're times when folder and files share the same name. I suggest that maybe add a new feature that gives an option to only shows folder? For instance, ['searchKeyWord] <== single quotation mark shows both [''folderKeyWord] <== double quotation mark shows folder only
  2. So... I did not buy the powerpack, the issue will not be fix anytime soon?
  3. When I first get into Alfred, I believed within a year, you can directly reach system preference (now system settings) by typing out the keywords, such as "wallpaper", "accessibility", etc, and they DO show the corresponding icon. Perhaps it was because the system update I went from Monterey(12.-) to Ventura(13.-), the search results has been messed up. For instance, I can no longer search for "wallpaper" directly, and "security" has missing icon when showed, while "accessibility" remains just fine.(pics showed below) I believe there could be some easy quick fix for this bug!
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