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Bug Reports

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This forum is exclusively for bug reports. Please read How to Post A Bug Report below first.

All non-bug-report posts will be whooshed to another forum.

Reporting bugs in Alfred
Thanks for using Alfred! As you can see, the forum is very popular and all sorts of content is being posted. If you find a bug, please follow the format below to help make your report more useful.

First, ensure you're always using the latest build (in Alfred's preferences > Update > Check for updates) before reporting an issue, as the issue may already be fixed.


Please post one thread per bug report with the following information:


* What you were doing when the issue happened
* Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action
* Include any screenshots that might help us
* Include the Alfred version & build number you are using
* Include your OS X version


The clearer the bug report, the more likely and easily we'll be able to fix it! 


Please don't post feature requests in this forum as they'll be moved to the Feature Suggestions forum.



  1. Closed

    This sub-forum will contain the closed bugs that have been resolved. Check the build number in square brackets to find out when it was fixed.

  2. Investigating

    We'll move bugs here that we're currently investigating. These will either be fixed and closed, or marked as "not a bug".

  3. Noted

    Bugs or issues that have been raised and we are aware of, but may not be fixed at this time due to external factors (e.g. OS X bugs)

  4. macOS 10.15 Catalina Bugs & Issues

    Please use this sub-forum for bugs and issues encountered in the Catalina only.


    Always ensure you're using the latest Catalina build and latest Alfred 4 pre-release, and that you read the existing threads before posting an issue. While Catalina is no longer in beta, there are still issues being resolved with every update, so make sure you're up to date.


    Always include the specific version number of macOS, Alfred and any other apps you refer to when posting - don't just say "the latest", as this can be ambiguous.

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