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  1. Ditto here. Would love to Crtl-click the bowler for Prefs to open.
  2. Thanks, @Vero. I didn't catch the comma in the hotkey combination (seen in another post). Really miss the gear, but...guess I'll need to memorize (yet another) hot key combo, since my menu bar is already too crowded.
  3. In Alfred 2, a small gear appeared in the top right corner of the pop up window that would open Alfred Preferences. The gear is gone in Alfred 3. I’ve never heard of (or used) Command + to open an app's preferences, but following those directions on another post here, I tried it. Failed again. How do I access Alfred Preferences in version 3?
  4. Ahhh--that was the problem. I didn't realize the API token was supposed to go into the Alfred search window---thought it was supposed to be pasted into the set-push-token button that appears in the Workflows > AlfredBullet screen. Thank you!
  5. Forgive me if this is a newbie question, but, well...I'm a newbie with Alfred Workflows, so guess the title fits. I've downloaded the workflow, but keep getting the message "API token not set" when trying to enter pushable text. Using trial an error, I've pasted my API into just about every position possible, but am getting nowhere. Please spell this out, step by step, for me? Thanks!
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