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  1. Thank you Vero, The Mac Mini is 2 weeks old. I used the file troubleshooter as you suggested, and got this message: Check MDQuery file search... ❌ macOS did not return a match for this file in your search scope. Try resetting Alfred's Preferences > Features > Default Results > Search Scope > Reset... to "Reset to Full Disk" I 'reset to full disk' and all is good! Thanks for your help, much appreciated 🙂
  2. Hi there and thank you for any help, I'm new to Alfred. Everything is working great on my MacBook Air. On my Mac Mini (which is brand new), I have installed Alfred successfully and have the powerpack. Both machines are up to date with sonama. The settings are as per the MacBook Air, Alfred has full disk access and access to iCloud. When I press command space space, Alfred will only find applications and not folders/files. I have tried: using the 'open', 'find' commands revoking full disc access and access to iCloud and granting access again. Shutting down mac and restarting. Reinstalling Alfred. Clearing Alfred cache. As mentioned, is a little strange as the MacBook air and Mac Mini settings for Alfred are configured identically. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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