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  1. @Stephen_C yeah, to some extent, but the solution wasn't there when I've stumbled upon the issue on the forum. At least the steps to fix aren't there. I'm using the latest version of Alfred. Fixed it using the steps Vero provided. @Vero this worked, thanks so much! 🙏 😊 @vitor didn't know that those had a separate folder, thanks for the info 😊
  2. Is it possible for Alfred to index and open Desktop Web Apps, introduced in macOS Sonoma, from the prompt? From what I see, once "created" from Safari, they are only added to the Dock and Launchpad, but not in the Applications folder. My main use for Alfred is switching between and opening apps (among some other stuff), so it's quite annoying that these Desktop Web Apps cannot be opened here. I'm also not looking to have custom scripts for each of the web apps configured in Alfred, indexing directly in Alfred would be preferable. Is something like this possible?
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