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  1. Dear Alfred Folks, I recently installed the El Capitan Beta build on my Mac. So far all applications seem to be working fine, except for a few odd visual effects (and some Apple-specific app oddities). I did notice right away that in the Alfred Settings Window, when accessing and selecting a new/different theme from the Themes tab, that there is a permanent grey-highlight in the theme selection window. Even when selecting a theme (and the selection highlight goes 'blue' in-color), the gray highlight remains at the same place within the window. I've enclosed images for reference. I've also restarted Alfred and my Mac, cleaned the cache, run Disk Utility, etc. Alfred is working fine otherwise. Just a heads-up. Thanks! ~ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/if7knpgq7zlf9gv/AAAJATTV4J2vkUrc6qa6yC51a?dl=0
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