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  1. @biati Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately no luck. However, I think this is my issue and not a workflow problem. I have a MacBook running MacOS 12 B3 and this one gets the error. Last night I was able to try on another Mac that has my Alfred synced and the workflow seems to work fine on MacOS 11 latest release. Sorry for getting you to troubleshoot what is likely a beta error ?? Edit * My other workflows work fine on both OS.
  2. same here... used to work then all of a sudden. Amazing workflow, would love to get it working again. Reason: launch path not accessible It's likely that the folder required to run this task has somehow been deleted, perhaps syncing? This error isn't that serious, just try again Related Workflow Info... Name: 'Calculate Anything'
  3. hmm... must be doing something wrong. workflow works for me but sends to 2 recipients both the intended and also the 1st listed contact in the Messages app. can anyone help?
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