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  1. Hi David, I did try rebooting (twice) but no luck. I looked through every option under "Keyboard" preferences and discovered that the Command+Space shortcut had been reserved by Input Sources -> "Select the previous input source". I cleared this shortcut and then was able to assign Command+Space to Alfred. I would strongly suggest that instead of just ignoring the assignment request, Alfred helps the user understand what shortcut is already assigned. It would have saved me two hours of trial and error.
  2. One other data point. I just tried it on my wife's account on the same Mac and in her account I could set the hotkey to Command Space with no problem. Perhaps I have a bad preference file somewhere?
  3. I've used Alfred v1 from the Mac App Store for a long time but today decided to upgrade to Alfred v2 from the web site and bought the PowerPack. I uninstalled Alfred v1 via Launchpad and installed Alfred v2 via downloads -> unzip -> move to /Applications. Finally I entered my Powerpack code successfully. However, when I tried to set my Alfred hotkey to Command Space, it wouldn't allow me - when I press the combination in the preference window, nothing happens. Other hotkey options (e.g. Alt Space, Double Command) work just fine. Under the preference I saw some text "Some hotkeys may not work, please refer to the help". I looked through the help but couldn't find anything relevant. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me reenable the hotkey I've been using for several years. It's pretty maddening not to have it available.
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