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  1. @mannieschumpert, thanks again for a speedy reply. Too bad about having to escape the apostrophe. I'll do that for now. Cheers! Jeff
  2. @mannieshumpert, I continue to get great value from Asana Quick Task. THANKS. BUG: An apostrophe in the title of a task returns an error: "Parse error: parse error in Command line code on line 3". See snapshot: http://jkorn.com/sljm Example: Task title = "asdf's asdf" Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. @mannieschumpert. Wow, talk about fast turnaround! Thanks for posting the fix so quickly.
  4. Want to say THANK YOU @mannieschumpert. Excited about the potential for Asana Quick Task. I'm an Asana power user, and Alfred newbie. PROBLEM/ERROR: "workspace: Not an ID:" I've set aproject target — using aproject and selecting the desired project from the pick list. See snapshot… http://jkorn.com/RIvw The system responds with Growl message: "Project-Name \(1234\) set as task target." Note: Project name has a parentheses, and the parentheses are escaped in the Growl message. But when I attempt to add a new task, targeted to the selected project, I receive a Growl message with an error: "workspace: Not an ID:" See snapshot… http://jkorn.com/m54f I've tried: Setting aproject target to a project name with no parentheses. No problems creating new tasks, no error messages. Possible there's a bug affecting project names that include parentheses? Thanks again for making Alfred so useful! I look forward to hearing your advice on this.
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