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  1. Brilliant! I missed the link you ad to use the copy to clipboard workflow you had below your example. That was the missing piece. Thanks!
  2. Awesome! How could I do this if I want to use a keyword (running out of keyboard shortcuts..) and have it be added to clipboard?
  3. I am using Roam Research and when you copy text it includes their special flavor of markdown. It's not ideal for sharing anywhere else. Example in Roam: Copy and paste of this text: Ordering food from [[Sai Rams]] What I need is a way to strip those brackets around words [[ ]] - can this be done in Alfred?
  4. Is there a way I can delete options I don't want to use here? For example, I want the file link option only. I tried deleting items in the script and it just broke things:
  5. Awesome tool, thanks for creating. Is there a way to pass a recent file that is selected to the normal Alfred actions menu?
  6. Not a Alfred workflow but to do new compose mail I use keyboard maestro to activate chrome, keystroke "CMD+1" to go to first tab (pinned chrome tab) and then type keystroke "c". Works great. I noticed that it reload the gMail window every time. IE do search for "bob" gmail window reloads with results. Is there anyway to get it so that it just does a search without doing a refresh? Would be much faster. Thanks.
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