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  1. Thanks. The "temp file" solution is somewhat cumbersome. I thought there was an easier way to do it, such as launch alfred from command line with a parameter to do a search, something like: open - a Alfred\ 2 $(echo pwd). Unfortunately this is not a case.
  2. How can I replace "whatever you want in the box" with current working directory in Terminal ?
  3. I'm kinda stuck. I'm trying to create a simple workflow to open Alfred with the content of the current working directory in terminal. This one opens Finder just fine: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Terminal" do script "open -a Finder ./" in first window end tell end alfred_script How can I modify it to open Alfred instead ?
  4. It worked !!! Thanks a ton ! Did not realize I need to "double" escape backslashes in applescript.
  5. I have a need to have this snippet in my bash workflow: osascript <<EOT set myString to "This\\ is\\ string" return myString EOT It breaks with error: [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 1: 22:23: syntax error: Expected “"” but found unknown token. (-2741) I would like the output string to look like "This\ is\ string".
  6. I double checked -- there is no key mapping conflict. It does not always excibit such behavior. If I invoke it on a same selection second time, it will work (caching perhaps ?). Try to navigate to a different folder location in a Finder and invoke this workflow using a hotkey (I have a hotkey and a keyword attached to this workflow -- could it be an issue ?). As I said before only "ctrl" and "fn" keys are affected.
  7. I called them "workflows" just to put it in a simple perspective. Sure, these are "built-in" functionalities. Just as a concept: a new item could be introduced in a workflow creation screen which will contain a list of "built-in" functionalities. A passing of parameters could be done the same way it is done now: via stdin/stdout.
  8. True. But having some type of "hooks" for Alfred built-in workflows, e.g. before it's called, after it's finished, where I can plug in my own code will open so many possibilities to tailor Alfred exactly for your needs !
  9. Great ! Thanks a lot for your replies. My only wish is to make Alfred to expose it's built-in features to custom workflows. Should not be THAT difficult.
  10. I used workflow from this example: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1431-a-bash-script-to-get-path-of-document-open-by-the-frontmost-window/?p=9665 In a finder select any file and trigger above mentioned workflow. Select a file/folder in Alfred window. In order to trigger file actions "ctrl"/"fn" needs to be pressed twice. It does not affect "tab"/"right arrow"). Thanks !
  11. Hello: I would like to incorporate Alfred built in Dictionary commands in to my own workflow. Basically, I want to extend built in functionality by adding my custom actions after, let's say, spell check command is done. How can I do it ? Thanks, Oleg
  12. Hello: Sometimes "Show Actions" keys (fn, ctrl) needed to be pressed twice to display list of available file actions. Thanks, Oleg
  13. Hello: Search Fallbacks do not strip keyword from {query} resulting in wrong searches. For example, if I have a workflow which starts with keyword "mw" the fallback search will be like that: "mw {query}". I want it to be just "{query}". Thanks, Oleg
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