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  1. Thanks @Vero for the reply. I have already committed to v10 so can't now go back for various reasons. Lets hope that one day Evernote has a change of heart and makes the data accessible. 🤞
  2. It seems that when Evernote released its new generation on the Mac with v10 it broke just about everything. Does anyone known if it is currently possible to search Evernote using Alfred? All the old workflows seem to not work but not sure if Alfred has or is getting this function built in.
  3. Fixed it! Cut and paste error in the script - my fault, it now works fine! Don't forget to use the last script on page 2 of the thread and re-start Alfred. Thanks all.
  4. I have been trying to get the 'todo' workflow adapted for the new Omnifocus 2 since it came out. This thread has some advice and recommended script changes but they are not working for me: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1041-create-new-task-in-omnifocus-inbox/?hl=omnifocus Has anyone managed to get a good Omnifocus 2 workflow going? If so please can you share. Many thanks.
  5. I still can't get this to work. It opens Omnifocus 2 OK if it is not running but does not create the new action. A pain as I always use Alfred to place new tasks into OF.
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