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  1. Perhaps similar to this issue. If I type too fast, then extra results that should not match, still appear, for a File Filter. If I type `term`, then one particular item appears. But I have a File Filter for `ter` which searches within a specific folder, yet the item from the first search still appears if I type too fast. In the GIF, you can see me type fast first, then slow.
  2. If I'm typing too fast during a File Filter search, and I type a space, then Alfred can't find any results. Only when I start typing letters again will it find results. I don't have a problem if I type too slowly. Animated GIF attached.
  3. It turns out that the problem was I needed to uncheck "Source files" on the File Search > Search page.
  4. Thanks, I tried it earlier, but the path I used must have had some messed up characters. It works now.
  5. Is it possible to open any file on my Mac, by pasting the full path to a file into Alfred? The closest I know of is the `open` command, which I think only searches the specified folders in Alfred, so it doesn't actually allow for "any" path?
  6. Running "reload" seems to usually fix it. I'll report back if things are still not working well. Thanks!
  7. Is there any problems with having the Alfred env vars exist in my shell? Or it just leads to possible "confusion", such as if my script is trying to read an Alfred env var, then the value would possibly be incorrect? The reason I open apps like Terminal via a workflow using system commands (os.system in Python) rather than Alfred's method, is because I usually also need to pass args to the commands. And depending on the keywords used, a different app would be opened, etc.
  8. I'm not sure how the Alfred env vars ended up in my Bash env. I have a workflow called "Finder" on my Mac, which contains several File Filters that I use to look for specific file types in different folders. That's the one whose Alfred env vars appear in my Bash, such as "alfred_workflow_uid" and "alfred_workflow_name". "alfred_workflow_bundleid" is not set though. I don't know where these vars are being set. I looked in the usual places like ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc, etc. but couldn't find them. --- Upon further inspection, I think I know why the Alfred env vars appear in Bash. What happens is that I have an Alfred workflow that opens iTerm, and therefore when I open iTerm with this workflow, the env vars are set. If I open iTerm through the Dock, then no Alfred env vars are set. So it seems to simply be working normally.
  9. Thanks, but this variable also exists when I run the script outside of Alfred. Looking at `env` in Bash, I actually have a ton of Alfred variables already set there. I found a few `alfred_` keys that exist only in the workflow though, so I'll use one of those other ones.
  10. Is there an environment variable that Alfred sets, that indicates that it's running a script in a workflow? I'd like to use this variable to set the script's environment to "production" when it's set, and to "development" when not.
  11. Thanks for the example workflow. I suppose it is not possible to have live updating results when using the File Filter this way? For instance, normally if you change your input keyword, then the results would change to use your new keyword. But with this workflow, you only get results once you submit your keyword to the File Filter.
  12. I have two File Filters that are similar. They each essentially return the same file types from the same folder, except for a few file type differences. One keyword is "p" and the other is "pr". If I type "pr test" then I have some results appear, as expected. if I delete the "r" from the keyword so that it appears as "p test", then no results appear. I have to modify the search, such as by simply adding a space somewhere, before results appear correctly for "p test".
  13. The file filter placeholder shows if I type the keyword, as expected, but then no results are returned when I type the query, correct. I have the same problem even after hiding and re-showing Alfred.
  14. I have a File Filter to look for specific file types in a specific folder. If I create a new file in this folder that matches these requirements, then use the File Filter keyword to look for this new file, then the new file does not appear. I have to restart Alfred before the new file appears. Yet, I can find the file just fine immediately in Spotlight and Alfred's normal file search. What can I do so that I don't have to restart Alfred whenever I add a new file?
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