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  1. I am going to migrating to a new machine in January, but I will not be using apple’s migration assistant. I will be decommissioning my old machine in February. Is there anything i need to do to properly move my license to the new machine. Do I need to remove the license from the old machine? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for that. It gives me something to review so i can understanding some basic shell scripting. I appreciate that. To date. I have just been grabbing bits here an there to make stuff work.
  3. I'm afraid i am now in over my head. I'm not sure how to store the path i navigated to within alfred in a variable and then then use a Keyword to ask for the name of the parent directory. And modify the script to accept those variables. I apologize but i am learning as i go.
  4. @deanishe thank you! I managed to get that to work. It creates the folders! I'm new to this, is there a way to choose the destination directory and then pass a {query} that names the parent folder these folders would reside with. i.e. - navigate to directory - choose file action - type file name of project folder name - run mkdir scripts I'm just stabbing in the dark.
  5. I've attached a screen shot an automator workflow that a bunch of folders and subfolders. it prompts the user to name the parent folder and choose a destination. I'm wondering if there is a way to accomplish this completely within an alfred workflow?
  6. this is how i have it setup. is there a simpler way?
  7. Is that different than what I am describing in scenario #2 above?
  8. Hello, I often navigate to external drives within alfred a couple of ways 1. Launch Alfred. Type /Volumes/ and then navigate to the drive I am looking for. 2. I also have a few hot keys that navigate to volumes i use repeatedly: Action: Show Alfred, Argument: Text, Text: /Volumes/Name of Drive/, --------> Browse in Alfred This works for me, but also wondering if there is a more efficient way to handle this. Thanks, Michael
  9. "All Information" was selected and I am using version 1.1.2.
  10. @vitor this is what i get when I run the debugger: [2017-09-09 11:30:53][input.keyword] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg '' [2017-09-09 11:30:53][action.script] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg '' When i use the pa command and hit enter. A browser window never pops up to input links or tabs.
  11. Hello, Is there something that is required to get the pa command to function. I can't seem to get that function work.
  12. I often get this error message when copying large files via alfred (image attached). The files always finish copying without issue but that alert tends to always pop up during the file copy. Any ideas
  13. and one more question -- I use ISO dates all of the time, is it possible to do date math with dynamic placeholders like this: {date:yyyy-MM-dd+1d} I can't get that to work for me.
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