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  1. Carlos, Is an applescript-based solution required? Without reviewing your code, I'm guessing Applescript is necessary to send commands to the Evernote app to open notes and such. I'm asking because there is an Evernote plugin for Sublime Text 3 that I use which finds notes from a specific notebook without any problems: https://github.com/bordaigorl/sublime-evernote The plugin is written in Python, and I believe it makes calls to the Evernote API instead of communicating directly with the desktop application. So, perhaps this comment isn't of any use at all to you, but I wanted to
  2. This workflow sounds awesome, but I'm having troubles getting it working. I've installed it and configured it. When I take a screenshot, the image is saved in my dropbox folder. But no link ever is copied to my clipboard. And viewing the clipboard history ('ssc') doesn't show anything either. It just reports "No Results". I've run the setupss, provided the dropbox folder and my dropbox URL string, and selected no url shortening service. I do use a utility called ClipMenu that saves clipboard history for me. I doubt that is causing a conflict, but thought I'd mention it. Any though
  3. I've found many strange behaviors when adding tasks using this workflow. I've detailed them in this issue: https://github.com/benignoc/alfred-todotxt/issues/4 The problem 40-02 is having might be related, however I'm using plain english and the workflow aborts and shows the "Search Google" and other options.
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