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  1. On OS-X, there's a few ways to 'Lock' the Mac. One is to manually lock it using the keychain or keyboard shortcut, the other is to let the screensaver lock the mac after a timeout. When locked manually, OS-X disconnects the network, exposing a bug is OS-X where unlocking doesn't re-establish network connectivity without manually disconnecting/reconnecting the network. Unfortunately, this also happens when using Alfred to Lock the Mac (via typing "lock"). The network disconnect does not happen if the Mac is locked via screensaver timeout. It would be nice if Alfred allowed the user to disable shutting down the network connection when locking the screen.
  2. many moons ago, I originally set up my Alfred install on my home machine to sync preferences file ~/Dropbox/apps/Alfred.alfredpreferences and set up my work machine later to sync to the same place. I recently had to re-image my work machine and somehow, when I tried to set up Dropbox sync, it created the preferences file ~/Dropbox/Alfred.alfredpreferences (not in the app subfolder). Now, I am unable to tell it to use the preferences in the ~/Dropbox/apps folder - when I open the preferences, that folder is greyed out. Completely deleting /Users/<me>/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2 and re-launching will prompt me to license powerpack, which I do, then when I go to set up preferences syncing, it immediately creates the prefs file ~/Dropbox/Alfred.alfredpreferences again and ~/Dropbox/apps/ is still greyed out. I'd much rather not sync Alfred.alfredpreferences in the root of my ~/Dropbox/, it's already full enough and I exclude the /apps folder from syncing on my non-OSX boxes to avoid this stuff ending up everywhere. Is there a way to manually re-point where Alfred is looking?
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