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  1. I don't know which are the 'save' glyphs for Alfred. Maybe this one: › That would show like this then: ››››››››››› It's › in HTML, alt+shift+n on my Mac Keyboard, or ASCII 8250 (not so sure about this one, though)
  2. It's so strange. It shows [ ] , but sometimes at the end also one ore more -
  3. Just to let you know: In Mac OS' notification, the vertikal lines glyph shows (when using the shortcut for play/pause). I don't know if you use an image for the pause sign—I supposed it is the same glyph you used in the general spotifious window...
  4. Hi again. I restarted, but the result is the same. I don't want you to waste your time on this issue. Thus I thought about modifying the files on my system in order for the lines to disappear completely. If only you could tell me in which file and line I can find the output of the subtitle for the results...
  5. I just had a quick look at the font settings. Helvetica Neue Light was used—which is activated as a standard font with my OSX. Then I tested different fonts by changing it in the Alfred preferences. But whatever font it was, it still showed the missing glyph sign. However, if I check the bar glyph in FontExplorer (alt+7), it shows correctly with every any font. I'm puzzled... Note: ||| Being a graphic designer, I use the arcane glyph constantly |||
  6. Hey there—love the workflow, thanks for this! I have a font issue though. Alfred works fine with my (reduced) set of active fonts, but with your Spotify workflow something ain't right in the subline: Are you using a special fonts? As I can see in your screen shots, it's just a couple of vertical lines—any reason for that?
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