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  1. Or, you could get the awesome workflow from daenishe instead: http://www.packal.org/workflow/resolve-url
  2. Hi! I've created an Alfred Remote workflow for Netflix. With the workflow and its remote page, you can control the Netflix browser view (tested with Safari & Chrome). The workflow supports the following commands: Press play/pause Set the volume to 100%, 80%, 60% Increase/decrease the volume Fast forward/rewind Mute/unmute the volume Skip forward Press "continue playing" Go back to browsing (Stop Netflix) Play next Enter fullscreen mode This workflow should work if you watch Netflix in full screen mode in your browser. I've tested it with different (retina and non-retina) 16:10 and
  3. Hi! I really like Alfred Remote so far! It would be really great if you could get a list (and preview) of all Mac Desktops/Spaces/Screens and just switch to them via Alfred Remote. So something like Mission Control but directly on Alfred Remote. That would be really great, I Think.
  4. Thank you very much Andrew! Really awesome response time! Another reason to recommend Alfred!
  5. I tried the mood lighting mode yesterday and I must say I really like it and my girl friend too, btw I know that the applescript is ugly and I hope that Andrew provides a better way to change the theme (feature request has been created). For me it was my first apple script, so I don't mind if it's a throw-away. I just wanted to try it out.
  6. Yeah, it's awesome, but I'm talking about the feature where flux automatically starts Yosemite's dark mode after sun set. The problem is that Alfred doesn't change its theme accordingly. I couldn't find something like this in your workflow either, so I created an apple script that switches the Alfred theme. Unfortunately it's not as transparent as a direct API call, but for me at least, it's sufficient. This script activates themes with the names "OS X Yosemite Auto" and "OS X Yosemite Dark Auto" depending on the dark mode state. http://pastebin.com/YuH1r5Q8 I tested this Apple Scr
  7. +1 on that. I just found this thread but already created a feature suggestion: Auto-change theme on dark mode because of flux
  8. When you use f.lux (really awesome app btw.) it provides a feature to automatically turn Yosemite's dark mode on after the sun has set. It would be really cool if there was a worfklow for Alfred that could change its theme accordingly. Without this, it is really tempting to use spotlight which of course automatically adjusts to the dark mode setting. Edit: Thread renamed for more precise feature request.
  9. Hi! With Alfred 2.1.1 the Tags, that were introduced in Mavericks, are now searchable. With this you are able to search for Tags and get all files that have the Tags set on them. The problem is that you always get all files as a result. It would be really nice if you could "append" the search Tags to your "normal" search in order to filter your search more precisely. E.g: "'foo" searches for all files that are named "foo". It would be great if you could have such a query: "'foo tags:privat" to find all files that are named "foo" and have are tagged as "privat". I think this would make th
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