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  1. Hi, Andrew. I appreciate your reply. I think that I checked the menubar, but did not see Alfred hat at all. Yes, I got an error when I force quit Alfred from Activity Monitor and tried to restart it - but unfortunately did not take screen capture about that. Sorry about that. I will check the menubar more closely and take a screenshot if situation repeats itself.
  2. Alfred just does not show up at all when pressing hotkey. Process seems to be running (in Activity Monitor). If I force quit the process, it does not start any more. This has happened three times in two weeks. Only Mac reboot seems to help. Alfred version 3.5.1 [882] and MacOS 10.13.2 (17C88).
  3. I'd also be very interested in learning more about this. My use case is following: I copy seven items from various places and would like to create an Alfred workflow which would paste each of these to excel file, each to its own cell. Like paste 7th item, tab, paste 6th item, tab, paste 5th item and so on... Help?
  4. Thank you for a thorough explanation! Although, I have to admit that it does get a bit too confusing. So, I guess I'll will wait for Alfred developers to (maybe) include the proposed feature to the product - and continue manually copying and pasting 'til that
  5. Nice! I have Keyboard Maestro, but feel pretty novice using it. Do you happen to have some good KM examples about clipboard history usage?
  6. Does CopyQ replace Alfred's clipboard history functionality? Anyway, I'd like to use only one piece of sw. Is it possible (or how) to propose this kind of functionality to Alfred?
  7. I could not find answer to this question, apologies if it is obvious: Is it possible in a workflow to refer to individual clipboard history item somehow? Like {clipboard-1}, or something? I'd need to compose a workflow where I would combine several items in the history together. This would save me a lot of time.
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