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  1. Is there a way to force Alfred to use bluetooth without having to disable wifi? Just as a matter of interest, this doesn't appear to work for an iPhone. I don't have my iPad with me to test at the moment.
  2. Hi, I read this blog post with some interest (http://blog.alfredapp.com/2015/02/25/connecting-your-remote-using-bluetooth/) as I've not once been able to get this to work. I'm running Yosemite and iOS8.2 and from everything else I've read Apple has pretty much nerfed the ability for the two devices to connect as you would normally expect by bluetooth. It would seem that the new bluetooth 4.0LE stuff means it connects as needed and so they didn't see the need for allowing bluetooth pairing of the phone and Mac. So my question is - does anyone out there have this working on Yosemite? I'd really love to make this work as when I'm at work the wireless network here segregates all devices on it, so my phone can't see the MBP at all. What would be really cool, as a feature request, would be for the remote to support the bluetooth 4.0LE stuff and actually just work when it's in range of the MBP, without any pairing, etc. It may also be worth revising that blog article if it doesn't apply to Yosemite
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