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  1. @deanishe Sorry for the long time to reply, i went to a surgery and i'm currently overwhelmed with lots of things to do, without time to my personal projects, but yes your comments helps a lot! I'll try to work on it this week and reformulate some things and will get back at you. Thank you!
  2. @deanishe, i started to refactor the code, but i remembered why i was passing the workflow around, due to unittesting the code, since the wf reference is created in __name__ == '__main__' block, and in the unittests i run the code directly, calling the main or the functions i'm testing, global workflow is not available, how you suggest testing this way? I'm not a expert in python as you can see, hope you can help me. Thank you!
  3. Hello @deanishe! Thank you for taking time to look at the code and give some advices, i wrote this workflow some time ago, i don't remember exactly why i choose somethings, but regarding your observations, i guess it doesn't need request, i probably forgot Alfred-Workflow had a web module, and implemented the feature with requests, i'll refactor and remove this in next version, if i find something missing which i doubt because is a simple GET for a file, but anyway, i 'll point to you. About passing the wf reference around, i didn't remember this behavior, i probably didn't read the documentation well enough (shame on me haha), or i just don't remember right now or why the hell i did that, anyway, i'll refactor the code and read the documentation again so i don't miss any point.
  4. Yeah sure, i added, run rateclear command and check again, that should be there!
  5. OnR, try to run rateclear and after run rate 1 try again, because here it works fine.
  6. Hi OnR! Thanks for your feedback! Could you please describe more you problem? Because i tryed here and it works just fine on my machine.
  7. New version 2.4! Checkout the new changes in the main topic!
  8. Hello artform! There is a .workflow file! Check the release page on github. Here is the link -> https://github.com/kennedyoliveira/alfred-rates/releases
  9. New Update: Added support for basic mathDivision Multiplication Sum Substraction Support for 4 digits after the decimal Configurable division digit "," or "." Checkout the new version!
  10. Hello everyone! I just made a exchange rate workflow, check out on github and in packal! Github -> https://github.com/kennedyoliveira/alfred-rates Packal -> http://www.packal.org/workflow/rates Its simple, but very useful. I hope it can helps someone as help me. Any feedback is appreciated! Convert between many currencies using the YQL (Yahoo! Query Language) to get the exchange rates in realtime for free. Screenshots Convert from USD to EUR Convert from default configured currency (BRL in my case) to USD Autocomplete example Usage: rate <VAL> <CUR SRC> <CUR DST> -> Convert the value from the currency to the currency . Example: rate 100 BRL USD rate <VAL> <CUR DST> -> Convert the value to the default currency setted with ratesetcurrency comand. rate <CUR SRC> <VAL> -> Convert the value from the currency to the default currency setted with ratesetcurrency command. rate <CUR DST> -> Convert the default currency to the <CUR DST>, just to show the rates. ratesetcurrency <CUR DST> -> Set the default currency, for use with the comands rate <VAL> <CUR DST> and rate <CUR SRC> <VAL> rateclear -> Clears all the cached data, used when there is a new version for removing olds caches. New Version 2.4.0! Added support for multiple queries with one command. Added support for checking a conversion for many currencies, see below: Now the currencies list and info is online, so when there are new currencies update there's no need to update the workflow to get just the currency list, it'll be downloaded. New Update : Added support for basic mathDivision Multiplication Sum Substraction Support for 4 digits after the decimal Configurable division digit "," or "."
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