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  1. Thanks for the tip! I knew something is up with restarting the process but forgot about it later I'll add some disk caching in the next revision. EDIT: I updated the workflow so it correctly displays shows from previous/next month.
  2. Hey, I decided to make my first workflow to test if it can be done in NodeJS. Apparently it can and besides the bigger than usual file size it's nice and easy. THIS WORKFLOW REQUIRES NODEJS About Simple Alfred workflow displaying current (today's or +/-1 day) TV shows. Installation Download the workflow file from and import it to Alfred (usually just double-click it). It's a bigger file than I'd like since it contains all the necessary NodeJS modules. Usage There are two keywords: tv displays short list (based on http://pogdesign.com/cat) of today's showsYou can also use it to display yesterday's or tomorrow's shows: `tv yesterday` / `tv tomorrow` tvl displays long list (based on http://thetvdb.com/rss/newtoday.php) You can use an optional argument to filter down the list (e.g. `tvl doctor`) Current version: 0.9.2 Known issues: caching doesn't workChangelog v0.9.2 (2015-09-01) fixed displaying shows from previous/next month Screenshots
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