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FIFA17 FUT Player Search

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Sorry, I am Chinese and my english is poor, hope u guys can understand.......:ph34r:

This is a workflow which can search Fifa 17 Utilmate 

  • Usage:

      1. Futhead [playerName]

           In this situation, select one item, will go to Safari open the Futhead page of this player

      2. Futhead [playerName] [playerRating] or Futhead [playerName] [playerRating] [def\sho\dri\phy\pas]

          In this two situations, select one item, will paste to your clipboard, such as Cristiano Ronaldo's Sprint Speed is 98

ummm... I think u guys need to look the Images to understand what I am saying.......sorry


here is where u can download https://github.com/Creolophus/FutHeadWorkFlow

  • This workflow can run on Alfred 2, Alfred 3 should also can run but i haven't test




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