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a simple one, but nevertheless quite useful for me: a contact action to associate phone numbers with VoIP URLs.


It's on GitHub.


You have to associate the contact action yourself in the Alfred Preferences as shown below:




There is also a keyword call (If I see that people are using it, I might consider to add a script action which filters phone numbers):




It works very nicely with Telephone.app and X-Lite (for the latter, you have to change the URL to sip:{query}). Telephone.app sometimes doesn't react properly, but that's usually only when it's not running when the URL is being called.


Have fun!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into that when I find the time (which could take a couple of weeks).


EDIT I just uploaded a modified version which should work for both SIP addresses and normal phone numbers. It replaces a leading + in phone numbers by the country prefix. It is preconfigured to the most common (pretty much everyone but U.S.) setting 00 and can be changed in the bash script.

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