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Old, Deleted 1Password items are still appearing in search results

Aaron Rogers

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Got a real headscratcher.  We're noticing odd behavior with some 1Password items that have been deleted, but still seem to be hanging around in a cache somewhere.  See screenshot.


  • The first result is the intended 1Password result, and the only WP (WordPress) login for this site in our 1Password database across all vaults.
  • The second result is an old 1Password result back from when we were creating the site on a dev. subdomain.  It has long been deleted, and does not reside in any vault.  We've emptied the 1Password trash several times, nothing is in it.
  • Oddly, the fourth result is identical to the first result, even though there is only one occurrence of it in our 1Password vault.


I've tried forcing Alfred to re-sync with 1Password, but no dice.


All three of these results appear in the Alfred 1Password Preferences screen (see attached), but again, only one of them resides in our 1Password vault.


It's not like Alfred has lost the connection -- we add and change new logins daily, and they sync across all devices.


This has been a months long frustration that we're finally seeking help for.


I'm sure you hear it everyday, but Alfred is (literally) life-changing.  I won't work on any new client machines until they buy an Alfred license!




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