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3 X Appearance Suggestions (With sketch)


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1. Fade in / fade out.

I've read apparently this existed in previous versions but doesn't now.

I think it would remain nicely consistent with MacOS design language to keep this feature available


2. Background fade

Related to the first suggestion, and option to also fade the background would be brilliant. The dashboard (is that what it's called?) already does this beautifully, and also fades other windows so that the desktop can be seen. Here is an example; imagine that with the Alfred window.




3. Squares are boring! greater control over appearance.

I like the idea of having some kind of skewed box instead of just a rectangle. ( a crude photoshop is attached). But any number of other things could be possible, like any number of geometries or more detailed graphics, like a cloud or a custom shape that includes a company's logo as a splash screen behind. This would be absolutely fantastic.



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