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Workflow File Action for Files in Finder

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Hi everyone.


During the beta period I created a workflow with a number of file actions in it.  I could have sworn that these workflow file actions were available for selected files in Finder (when using the File selection hot key) as well as via Alfred's own file navigation system.  However now (using Alfred v2.01 (173)) the file actions are only appearing for files in the Alfred file navigation and not for selected files in Finder (when the File selection hot key is used).


So ... did I have a moment of confusion late one night and just imagine that workflow file actions can apply to Finder files?


Assuming I didn't just imagine it ...

  1. Am I missing a setting somewhere in Alfred to enable such actions?
  2. Is this a bug?
  3. Has this functionality intentionally been taken out of the final release (e.g. to be added in a later release)?





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