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Create new file in finder

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I've recently started receiving an error with a Alfred workflow called "Create New File in Finder"


Ruby Code

_osa1 = 'tell application \"Finder\" to set insertionLocation to insertion location as alias'
_osa2 = 'return POSIX path of insertionLocation'
activeFinderPath = (`osascript -e "#{_osa1}" -e "#{_osa2}"`).strip

filename = 'untitled'
extension = 'txt'

if '{query}' == 'help' || '{query}' == '?'
	system("open", "http://ianisted.co.uk/new-finder-file-alfred-2")
	if '{query}' && '{query}'.include?(?.)
	  filename = '{query}'.split('.')[0]
	  extension = '{query}'.split('.')[1]
	file = [filename, extension].join('.')
	path = [activeFinderPath, file].join
	if (File.exists?("#{path}"))

	template = [extension, extension].join('.')
	if (File.exists?("templates/#{template}"))
	  system(%[cp "templates/#{template}" "#{path}"])
	  system(%[touch "#{path}"])


Error Message on Debugger

[input.keyword] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg 'testing.txt'
[ERROR: action.script] -e:15: warning: string literal in condition

Anyone have an ideas?




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You'll be better to post your problem at the workflow thread to have the discussion there (look at the attached link). But for your question, I think if you change this line:

	if '{query}' && '{query}'.include?(?.)


	if !'{query}'.empty? && '{query}'.include?(?.)

Then I think this will clear your error




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