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Show list of TLD's or search for TLD's on Wikipedia v0.1


This is a second post following a recent post i made of a workflow i created in years past, titled 'Text / Filename Tools.' this is another simple workflow for identifying the origin of top level domain names of websites you may have visited or would like to visit. this uses the grep command in bash.


to use, type tld then the website abbreviation you would like  to learn more of. this searches a fixed list of known top level domains.


if you type tlds, it will show you the full fixed list, and if you hold shift+enter, it will take you to the Wikipedia tabled list of Top Level Domains and their origin.



The workflow is a bit slow. i am sharing it with the intention that someone may want to optimize it. i created the fixed list awhile back, so it will most likely need to be updated for all the new TLD's created in recent years.


Please feel free to add to this workflow or alter it as you see fit.



Download here:    https://drive.google.com/top_level_domains.workflow530427943_ScreenShot2018-10-22at8_58_09PM.jpg.bdd02fe8a319e49183155debae0815e4.jpg

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