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cd plus for Alfred

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I write a workflow for opening files/directories either in Finder or in iTerm directly with Alfred.

It supports saving history records and auto-suggestions according to the history records.

Hope you like it :)



This workflow could help you:

  • open the given path/file in Finder
  • (cmd) reveal the given path/file in Finder
  • (ctrl) open the given path/file in iTerm

It can remember at most MAX_LENGTH history records that you searched before and you can access them again conveniently.


You can download the workflow file from my GitHub.


  • cd + nothing : It will list all the history records.


  • cd + path/file name : It will open the path in Finder or open the file directly.demo_1.thumb.png.79f6bb6fc3babf8aeafb81360c889991.png


  • cd + any string : It will list all history records that are possibly relevant to the input.demo_2.thumb.png.4f7fe9096de2831b5351d3edbcbcfb37.png


  • cd + path/file name & press command while selecting an item in the list :

    It will reveal the path/file in Finder.



  • cd + path/file name & press ctrl while selecting an item in the list :

    It will open the path/path of file in iTerm.

    Note : Please make sure you have installed iTerm before you try this !demo_4.thumb.png.0498a81edfc73af20ba309ea83b0c021.png

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