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Bluetooth Connect — Connect/Disconnect paired bluetooth device

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Bluetooth Connect

Connect/Disconnect paired bluetooth device






  • bt : Connect/Disconnect to favorite device
  • bt <device name or alias> : Connect/Disconnect to any paired device
    • Command + Enter  /  Command + Click to mark/unmark as favorite device
  • btset <alias> > <device name> : Set an alias for a bluetooth device
  • btset <alias> <device name> Set an alias for a bluetooth device (short syntax, alias must not included space)
  • btunset <alias>: Unset an alias



  • Connect/Disconnect paired bluetooth device using macOS UI (AppleScript)
  • Set an alias for a bluetooth device
  • Mark a bluetooth device as your favorite device for easily access




  • Load device list from system profiler
  • Detect which one should connect or disconnect to use as text in items
  • Turn on automatic toggle when mark as favorite and only connect to device
  • Connect bluetooth device without using UI






Feel free to submit any issue or pull request!




For latest feature and other information please visit GitHub Repository


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This is a great workflow, and thank you. Unfortunately it won't work if you use a tool like Bartender that moves the bluetooth menu item off the main bar (or if you don't want the bluetooth menu item displayed).  For us cranks it's harder; I installed a command line tool called Bluetooth Connector and made a simpler less friendly workflow than yours that I named "Toggle my airpods" that just calls the command line /usr/local/bin/BluetoothConnector 4c-32-75-c2-09-b4 (because that's the MAC address of my airpods; yours would be different)


I personally suggest people find a way to be less stubborn than me and just use your workflow but I thought I'd post this for the unfortunate souls like me who find this post.

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