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Remote Desktop control workflow

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Remotely control or observe computers via Remote Desktop.  The workflow reads in your saved computers and allows you to easily connect to them.  Default behavior is to control them, hold down the command key to observe them.


You can download it here.



Updated 4/25:

Now more robust to names and addresses


Updated 6/19:

Now properly encodes names to UTF-8.  Default behavior is now to observe to be safer (hold down command to control).

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Now updated to make it more robust.  Just curious, has anyone had any issues with it so far or have any feature requests?


I manage a bunch of hosts via ARD and used to use Quicksilver to quickly establish connections to them. It was great.


At some point that stopped working and I migrated to Launchbar (and then back to Quicksilver and then back to Launchbar). The developers of LB said there was little interest in such a feature, but they'd keep it in mind. It never materialized.


Having seen someone had restored this long lost functionality in Alfred 2 made my decision to purchase it easy! :)


Thanks for working this up. From my limited use so far, it has worked great. I'm enjoying it.


I have had my default connection option in ARD set to "Observe" for years because hosts I connect too may be under control by other administrators or operators. I connect in "Observe" mode and then switch to "Control" to avoid stomping on someone else.


I like the fact you have added the "cmd" modifier. I believe I can reverse the behaviour myself by just re-linking the two scripts and adding the modifier to the control script. It might be nice to integrate some means of user-defining that so it would carry over on updates of the workflow. Dunno if it's worth the hassle though.




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