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  1. New version uploaded. If you hold down the shift key, it will now prompt you to mount as a volume. I can't reproduce your search issue. It should be searching by both name and address. Can you give me a reproducible example of favorite names and addresses that don't filter correctly for you (you can make them up)? I switched the modifier keys per your feedback. They are now: Open in new tab (default, no modifiers) Open in same tab or window (command) Open in new window (alt) Mount (shift) *new*
  2. I changed the default behavior to observe now (to be safer). Holding down command will now control the machine.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for testing it out for me and catching that issue. If anyone wants the default behavior changed for when you click on a favorite, let me know. Right now it is: Opens in existing window and disconnects connection if one currently exists (default) Open in new tab (hold command key) Open in new window (hold alt key)
  4. Now updated to make it more robust. Just curious, has anyone had any issues with it so far or have any feature requests?
  5. Did you have any special characters in your Favorite name by any chance? Anyways, I redid the logic of the workflow so it uses the position of the Favorite instead of name/address, so the new version should work for you no matter what. Let me know! Edit - I just updated my Remote Desktop control workflow with the same fix as my Transmit workflow, so both should be more robust now.
  6. Uses AppleScript to list favorites, so it works with all versions of Transmit 4 Hold down command to open in a new tab or alt to open a new window (defaults to using the current window and disconnects a current session if it exists) Searches by favorite name or by favorite address You can download it from here. Let me know if you guys like it or not. If you do, check out some of my other workflows in my signature. Some of you guys might like my Remote Desktop workflow too. Updated 4/25: Now more robust to names and addresses Updated 6/19: Now properly encodes names to UTF-8.
  7. Very cool workflow, I really like it! I think your dropbox link is busted though, here is a direct link to github in case anyone wants it: https://github.com/anazimok/stockworkflow Any chance of adding after hours stock price info? I don't think Yahoo! provides it, but Google's API does: http://finance.google.com/finance/info?q=aapl
  8. Features: Search contacts and select them to open chat Buddy icons! Displays status, away messages, idle times, service Notes: This workflow filters out Facebook contacts since you cannot access them via AppleScript (Adium bug). If you would like to access them, re-add your Facebook account via jabber and they will show up.Thanks to dzejar on the forum for writing his Adium workflow to show how to query contacts and to open chat windows via AppleScript. The "Run NSAppleScript" portion is copied directly from his workflow with permission. This also uses Feedback.py by Peter Okma that I
  9. 73 KB. This is something that isn't feasible in AppleScript. I spent some time today and wrote a similar workflow from the ground up in Python and I got icons working properly (it looks really cool too). Would you be upset if I published it and credited you for the AppleScript portion? I had to re-use your Run NSAppleScript since that's the only way to get a contact to open in Adium. Thanks.
  10. I use these the most: Recent Downloads: https://github.com/ddjfreedom/recent-downloads-alfred-v2 Comics: https://github.com/BenziAhamed/comics-alfred Process Killer: https://github.com/nathangreenstein/alfred-process-killer
  11. Awesome, that's exactly what I wanted! One last request... is it at all possible to include buddy icons? I know the icons are cached here: ~/Library/Caches/Adium/Default I'm not sure if you can do this via AppleScript, but there must be a mapping on disk (maybe via database) that shows which icon maps to which user. Edit - Found it! Check this out: ~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Default/libpurple/blist.xml Just a plain XML file that maps out the buddy icons. It should be totally doable!
  12. Remotely control or observe computers via Remote Desktop. The workflow reads in your saved computers and allows you to easily connect to them. Default behavior is to control them, hold down the command key to observe them. You can download it here. Updated 4/25: Now more robust to names and addresses Updated 6/19: Now properly encodes names to UTF-8. Default behavior is now to observe to be safer (hold down command to control).
  13. Great workflow. The jabber workaround for Facebook worked great. Would it be possible to add more information to the subtext other than just "@Jabber", like "@chat.facebook.com"? I have multiple Jabber accounts, so it gets confusing. Thanks!
  14. Has someone already filed an enhancement request for Alfred 2 to support HTTP URLs for icons?
  15. This is really cool. Is there any way to pull the app icons from the app store? Just curious
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