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Looking to pass the baton

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Howdy everyone,

It has been a long time since I poked my head in here, (an equally long time since I have had a chance to maintain my workflows).


After changing jobs earlier this year, changing environment, and for a plethora of other reasons, I am now looking to pass the baton so to speak for a number of my workflows and repositories in the hope that one or more people can give them the time they need.


Namely these include:


When it comes down to it, a career change, organisation change, working environment (Mac to PC) change, has left me with less and less time to focus on these, and I feel it is time to take a step back. This is not to say I won't be back in the future (and I certainly hope I will), but, simply have other areas of focus in life at the moment where I am focusing my efforts.


If you are keen/interested/open to taking the baton, please shout out below which of the workflows interests you and I will have a chat with you!


Thank you everyone in advance!




(also a HUGE shoutout to the work of Andrew and Vero for their continued awesome software!)

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