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  1. Howdy everyone, It has been a long time since I poked my head in here, (an equally long time since I have had a chance to maintain my workflows). After changing jobs earlier this year, changing environment, and for a plethora of other reasons, I am now looking to pass the baton so to speak for a number of my workflows and repositories in the hope that one or more people can give them the time they need. Namely these include: LastPass Alfred Workflow - https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow Custom iTerm Applescripts for Alfred - https://
  2. Hi @Mehdi and @mikeylu, Can you please make sure the scripts in the workflow directory are executable (in a terminal chmod a+x <scriptname> specifically both applescript.scpt and passwordInput.osascript and let me know how that goes? Cheers, Stuart
  3. Hi! Could you possibly post a screenshot of your bluetooth menu opening the connect submenu (I am wanting to see if there is something different in your menu than what I am seeing. Also what version of MacOS are you on? Cheers, Stuart
  4. Howdy Paul, Thank you for the feedback, I have often wondered if anyone got use out of this particular part of the workflow. So I will certainly take your request into account in future versions. Having just gone through two major releases in one holiday period and exhausting a LOOOOOOOT of Dev time, I don't foresee any major changes (or deprecation of anything) for some time so you are definitely safe for now. Also Glad to hear you are happy with it, haha it is a LOOOOONG labour of love. Stu
  5. I had a look at the API reference as I didn't remember seeing that as an option. At this point in time, there is no option to force the flights as a travelmode https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/urls/guide#directions-action. So, I have logged this as a feature request on my own GitHub instance to track https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow/issues/20, and have also taken a step further and added the feature request to Google's issue tracker https://issuetracker.google.com/u/1/issues/71937166. Starring the second and adding a comment +1 (w
  6. Hi Guy, When you try 'dirfw pt DESTINATION ADDRESS' can you please open up the debugger in Alfred (look for the little bug in the top right of the workflow page) and check if there is any error output there? Also the modifiers can only be used as the first point so you have to have 'dir drive ORIGIN to DESTINATION' not 'dir ORIGIN to DESTINATION drive'. It should also give you the URL that is used (if you set to all information), and I would be keen to grab the URL that it generates (you can redact the source and destination address out). Also are you using Google or Apple map
  7. Oh BOOOOOO!!! LOL after ALL that *cries a little*! With that said 2.0.1 released, you can either wait until the updater runs or grab it directly!
  8. Howdy all, So, for you fine people who have given me so many awesome workflows, I give you the Advanced Google Maps AND NOW APPLE MAPS Search Workflow available on Github --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow. A couple of quick things: Didn't you just release a major update 1.3.0? Yahuh, I most certainly did, however after that some amazing ideas came out of the woodworks, and it became a mere stepping stone to what the workflow is today. Why didn't you wait to release 2.0.0? Quite simply, I thought it was complete, however, lik
  9. Minor Bugfix just released 1.3.1 to address an issue in dirfh and dirfw where they were falling back to 'here' not 'home' and 'work' respectively. Available at https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow/raw/master/Advanced_Google_Maps_Search.alfredworkflow or via Packal.
  10. Eggsellent! Glad you like it. I have responded to your github issues, all seem completely logical to me so I can see what I can do on them. On the externalising of the Perl, that would actually be rather logical and I had not considered that, I think that would be logical now the flow has matured more. Also, anything that helps reduce the duplication is a bonus. I managed to pull about 80% of the duplication in this new version, but would like to remove as much as possible. I will have a look at this for the next version also. And thank you! I know Perl can
  11. All righty! Ladies and gentlepeoples, we have 1.3.0 released as of today available HERE (and on Packal). First up, apologies you will need to re-set up your work and home addresses, there was no avoiding this, if you don't you will get very strange results in Google! Changes dirfc: Directions from Current Address. See the installation instructions above to install Homebrew and CoreLocationCLI dirtc: Directions to Current Address. See the installation instructions above to install Homebrew and CoreLocationCLI dir, dirfc and dirtc now support Google transit typ
  12. Woohoo, great to hear, sorry that one took a significant amount of time to fix. I will leave it a few more days and if it doesn't give me any grief, will release a new version. Thank you for the feedback! Cheers, Stuart
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