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WakeOnLan - wake up NAS, Macs, PCs

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WakeOnLan v1.1




Now includes the possibility to automount a share after the NAS has been woken up.

If you do not need this feature use 1.0


Credits for the Mounting part @malt3 on App.net 


WakeOnLan v1.0





WakeOnLan Python Workflow



@dirkessl on App.net for helping me find the right Python-Script


Original Python Script from: http://pastebin.com/3Zd9MvE1




Edit the very end of the script with the MAC address of the device(s) you want to wake up.

You may use more than one device, simply add another line





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do you know if this script might be the right place to start for an additional "automount" of some folders (after wakeup) on my nas?

No idea how to integrate this into your workflow ;-)


With the help of a friend on App.net I added the option.

Check if v1.1 works as you expected.

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