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URL Actions -- Getting the URL and title of browser's current tab

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I'd like to share with you all a workflow of mine that I use daily.


URL Actions


This is an workflow that fetches the URL and title of your browser's current tab (compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and pretty much everything else), and does things with them. For example, it can

  • Copy link in Markdown
  • Add a task to OmniFocus Pro
  • Clean up Amazon URLs

The actions are also customizable. It can

  • Open custom URLs
  • Copy custom strings to clipboard

An optional PopClip extension is also available, if one is inclined to trigger the workflow from the mouse.









I'd like to be able to select the URL in the address bar of my browser and save the URL together with the page title somewhere else -- without having to go back and forth between the browser and another app to copy and paste the two items separately.



Select the desired URL (⌘L to get the URL of the current tab in a browser). Fire up the workflow's associated hotkey, which is ⇧^C by default.


Please checkout the GitHub repo for more information!     

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