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  1. I ask because I'd like to use the QR code anywhere, so I need the png file.
  2. Hello, very usefully workflow. Where is the image ? Thanks for your work.
  3. I install Antidote 10, the new version of Antidote, and, when I ask Alfred the app doesn't appear in Alfred. don't know why ?? ( I've tried restart, relaunch…) any idea ?
  4. Since the last update, the download URLis not copied to the clipboard. ?? any idea ?
  5. Great Workflow ! I just modify it with an Open URL Action (cause firefox is my defautbrowser Thanks for your work.
  6. Oh yes ! Thxs a lot for this tip. When I'm in a workflow and whant to select an other one it's not working.
  7. Hi, In Alfred préférencse, there is no shortcut to focus on search field in the workflow "tab". A simple ⌘+F to access this search will be nice.
  8. Nice workflow. Recently, I've installed OsX El Capitan, and now, I have this error when I browse a dropbox (a problem with the accents in folder name) : Do you know how I can fix that ? Thanks for Your work.
  9. Thanks, it works for me. I'm still on OsX Maverick and add the problem with Alfred V3ß.
  10. My personal theme, minimalist, a variation of grays… You can download the theme here : #50_(Shades_Of_Gray)
  11. Great Thanks for the explanation, & for the workflow. !
  12. I'm looking for a way to switch between applications with the Alfred remote. (and I don't find it) A key combo "cmd+tab" seem to be a good idea, but how can I typing "cmd + tab" on my mac in the key Combo without switching ? Thanks for answers.
  13. Nice work, nice workflow, work very well on Maverick. except maybe a little thing : it keep old and deleted worflows keywords… why ?
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