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  1. I ask because I'd like to use the QR code anywhere, so I need the png file.
  2. Hello, very usefully workflow. Where is the image ? Thanks for your work.
  3. I install Antidote 10, the new version of Antidote, and, when I ask Alfred the app doesn't appear in Alfred. don't know why ?? ( I've tried restart, relaunch…) any idea ?
  4. Since the last update, the download URLis not copied to the clipboard. ?? any idea ?
  5. Great Workflow ! I just modify it with an Open URL Action (cause firefox is my defautbrowser Thanks for your work.
  6. Thanks, it works for me. I'm still on OsX Maverick and add the problem with Alfred V3ß.
  7. Nice work, nice workflow, work very well on Maverick. except maybe a little thing : it keep old and deleted worflows keywords… why ?
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