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MacBook unable to wake up when Alfred was one of the login item


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Hi, I am not sure if other users have the same problem, i have done reinstall MacOS Catalina, reset SMC / NVRAM, however it does not help with the issues 

Issues: MacBook will never wake up when open the lid (or restart, shutdown) after certain hours

- Safe Boot mode - No Issues

- Remove all login item (Normal boot) - No Issues

- Added other login item - No issues 

- When Alfred was the login item - Yes, problem come again


** In you close the lip to sleep and open back immediately, no problem with that, it will automatically show you the login page, the issues only happen if let said you leave your macbook sleep overnight, it seem like rebooted and unable to wake up, you will need to press the power button


Please help if any one encounter this issues. Thanks.

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