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Aliases - Actually Reveal in Finder …

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When handling aliases for files/folders - either when browsing or through the usual search - I wish Alfred’s "Reveal in Finder" actions actually revealed the alias and not the file the alias is pointing to.


In the scheme of things, while this is a relatively minor issue, it has always driven me crazy. This behavior is not only odd when dealing with the usual search results, but it's especially jarring when browsing in Alfred. If I use "cmd + ↩︎" to reveal an alias that I'm looking at when browsing in Alfred, I doesn't make any sense to me why Alfred's default behavior would be to reveal the actual file and not the alias. It's confusing enough with the usual search results, and it's especially odd when browsing. 


I can understand why revealing the actual file from an alias can be useful, but this has always struck me as odd that it’s the default behavior. Why not add this as a file action behavior (if people want it)? Or, at least provide users with an option in the “Advanced”  panel where users can turn on/off how Alfred reveals aliases?

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PS - While it’s easy enough to create a File Action to reveal aliases in the same manner as everything else in Finder (tell application "Finder" to reveal thePath), this doesn’t solve the more common problem - where users rely on "cmd + ↩︎" to “Reveal in Finder (if local)”.

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