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  1. Finding built in Notes.app notes

    @Andrew Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Yeah, I was hoping there was a metadata tag for folders in the Notes.app that would be easily added to your filter. Hopefully, others will have some ideas. While I'm new to scripting (and Alfred), it's odd that there's not much documentation available from Apple or other developers on the Notes app. Unfortunately, it doesn't look there's an easy way to even open notes via applescript. It's easy enough to identify the relevant note to open, but I can't figure out how to actually open it. For example, the two scripts below can retrieve the name of the first note in the folder "FOLDERNAME" or its x-coredata: Name X-Coredata The x-coredata makes it easy enough to manually find the note in Finder. Opening it, however, is a little beyond my limited skill set. Does anybody else have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help you can lend!!
  2. Finding built in Notes.app notes

    Hi @Andrew - Thanks for posting your Notes file filter workflow. It looks like some version of it has been incorporated by several others. I love the filter, and use it several times a day!! Is it possible to modify the workflow, so that it searches for iCloud folder names in the Notes.app, and then opens the app to the first note in that folder (i.e., as a separate workflow or added to the present one)? Apologies for cross-posting, as I posted a similar question in a different workflow thread; I didn't realize that you were the creator of this aspect of that workflow. Thanks for any help you can lend!
  3. Notes

    Hi @surrealroad - I love the workflow, and have found it extremely helpful!! Quick question: Is there any way to use your workflow to open a specific iCloud folder in Notes? In other words, instead of searching for text in all of the notes, is it possible to just search for folder names (and then open the Notes.app to the first note in that folder)? If not, are there any simple modifications that might be done to the workflow to add this functionality? While it doesn't necessarily need to work in this manner, an example of this functionality can be seen in Carlos's Evernote workflow by adding the @ character (Workflow discussion here). I don't care if it looks as nice as Carlos's, I was just hoping to find some way of opening a folder instead of a specific note (i.e., by opening the first note in a specified folder). Thanks for all of your help!!
  4. Hi @CarlosNZ - For those having similar issues as above (re: move), two small fall path updates need to be made to the "includes.sh" file - shifting the path from Alfred 2 to Alfred 3. Old Paths DDWD="$HOME/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data/ carlosnz .deskdrawer" DDPREFS="$HOME/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/ carlosnz . deskdrawer " New Paths DDWD="$HOME/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Data/carlosnz.deskdrawer" DDPREFS="$HOME/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/carlosnz.deskdrawer"
  5. Hi @CarlosNZ - Are there any restrictions on where deskdrawer folder is moved (i.e., using :movedrawer)? I keep receiving the following error that indicates it was unable to move to the location - which is an unprotected folder, located in my documents folder. Any guesses what might be causing the problem? Thanks for your help!!
  6. Calendar Workflow

    Is anybody having alignment problems with the calendar's columns (see below)? I tried adjusting the width in the configuration file and redownloading the newest version (to make sure everything is up to date), but nothing appears to be working. Any advice for fixing it? Thanks!!
  7. @Andrew Thanks for the clarification!!
  8. Hi @Andrew - Thanks for getting back to me. I think I've got it working now! Thanks!! By chance, is there any way to use F4/Function as a Hotkey, too? On my laptop, it opens Launchpad. But on my Apple keyboard, it has assigned Dashboard (which I don't use and is set to Off in System Preferences - Mission Control). I'd love for them both to operate the same way. As a result, I was hoping to just set it up as a Hotkey and then have it trigger Launchpad. Thanks again!!
  9. Hi @shira - Did you ever find a way to use Alfred to use the F5 and F6 keys (top row function keys) to trigger workflows? Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi @Vero, Thanks for getting back to me and for the suggestion! I really appreciate it. Would your method work for script filters that are running queries within Alfred's search box (and then providing you with the appropriate options)? For example, I'm a big fan of Paul Wirth's Do Not Disturb workflow, but I can never remember the precise keyword. It's setup so that when you type "dnd" it will run a query to see if your Do Not Disturb setting is already on. If it is, it will tell you that it's on and then it allows you to select whether you want to turn it off. Of course, if it's off, it does the opposite (See screenshots: normal.jpg and scriptfilter.jpg below). To get around having to remember the precise keyword, I just duplicated the script filter with a new keyword (e.g., not and notifications) and then reattached everything (see screenshot duplicated.jpg). This seemed a little odd, so that's why I posed my question yesterday. I was hoping that you could simply type something like "dnd" OR "notifications" in the script filter, but this seemed like an OK workaround. I tried using the method you describe above (e.g., creating multiple keywords and then having them feed to the script filter or even a normal script), but I couldn't get it working. The query that determines whether your Do Not Disturb setting is on no longer works when using this method. As you can tell, I'm new to Alfred (and am not a programmer). Any advice you may have is most appreciated. Thanks for your help!!
  11. Hi @Ingolmo - I'm new to Alfred, and was wondering if you ever figured out how to use more than one keyword in a script filter? I'd like to avoid duplicating the script filter a bunch of times with different keywords (within the same workflow), and haven't come across any discussions of this issue beyond your post. Thanks for your help!!
  12. EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]

    Like most people, I love the EggTimer. In fact, it might be my favorite Alfred Workflow. Thanks @CarlosNZ, @ianhowson, and everybody else on this chain!! By chance, does anyone know how to specify a different notification style for when the alarm/timer is being set, and when the alarm/timer is actually going off (i.e., indicating that its time is up)? I'd like to have the EggTimer behave like a banner and automatically dismiss its notifications when I'm just setting an alarm/timer. However, when the alarm/timer is actually going off, I'd like its notification to behave like an alert, requiring me to manually dismiss it. At the moment, both forms of notifications appear to be controlled by the same settings in System Preferences - Notifications - EggTimer (or EggTimer Alarm). I'd like to avoid using Growl. Also, I'm new to Alfred and am unfamiliar with MountainNotifier, so please be gentle. Ha Thanks for any help you can lend!! All the best!