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  1. @dfay & @xilopaint - Thank you both so much for sharing your workflows for splitting double paged PDFs. You guys are a lifesaver! I have been doing this manually in Adobe Acrobat for eons - and cursing every moment of it. Can't thank you both enough!!
  2. @deanishe Thanks a ton for getting back to me! While I understand what you mean conceptually, most of this is a little above my skillset. Let me do a little research and tinkering around, and see if I can stitch together some kind of a test workflow to share. Thanks again!!
  3. @deanishe This is probably a stupid question, but is it possible to feed the output from the mdfind command directly into the "scopes" field of a File Filter (using a JSON Config utility)? In short, I'd like to create a standard File Filter for searching within a set of folders with a specific tag ("Notes"). Because these folders fluctuate, however, I didn't want to just drag a set of static folder locations into the File Filter's Scope panel. Instead, I was hoping to feed the "scopes" field of a JSON Config utility the output of the following search (mdfind 'tag:Notes AND kind:folder') - which would then set the scope for the File Filter. As always, thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks a ton @brunoc!! I really appreciate it.
  5. @GuiB Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually trying to trigger Alfred's "Open with" file action directly (or any other file action, for that matter). I wanted to attach a global shortcut to it (because I hate right-clicking things and bumbling around with the default "Open with" contextual menu in Finder and other apps). Alfred's file action for that is much easier for me to see and it avoids the mouse. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks a ton, @deanishe!! I was trying to avoid going down the GUI route - because I have a few similarly named file actions that I've created - but perhaps I'll just rename them and use your method. @Andrew Out of curiosity, has there ever been any discussion about allowing this though the action command? Relatedly, I've always thought it'd be nice to have a workflow object that operates like the "Call External Trigger" with a dropdown where the user could select a given file action to execute on the output (e.g., default actions, and ideally user created file actions, too) 🙏
  7. Is it possible to use the action command to call a specific file action? For example, when actioning a file could I trigger Alfred's "Open With..." file action? Relatedly, if this is not possible to accomplish this with the action command, is it possible through some other means (i.e., specifically targeting Alfred's Default Actions, not user created ones - that would be easy)? Thanks for your help!
  8. @Mpco Thanks for sharing this Alfred workflow for DEVONthink. It's fantastic! One quick question: Is it possible to switch the default search results action to open the file in DEVONthink (i.e., instead of an external editor)? I tried merely adapting the configured connection between workflow actions, so that the "Open With External Editor" requires users to hold command and the "Open with DEVONthink" doesn't require anything, but it doesn't seem to work. From what I can tell, the script filter is passing the file path to the "Open with DEVONthink" action instead of the UUID? Is there a minor change that can be done to the script filter or the search.js file to accomplish this? Thanks for your help! And, thanks again for sharing this workflow!! PS - Apologies for the duplicative post to GitHub, as I thought others in this forum also might know to tweak the workflow.
  9. @brunoc Thanks for sharing this workflow. It's fantastic - and has really improved my experience with DEVONthink! Thanks a ton!! Quick Question: Is it possible - either with some modifications to the "search groups" portion of the workflow or by creating a new action - to include Global Smart Groups? I use these a ton, and would love to quickly access them in the same manner that your fantastic workflow does for normal groups. Thanks again!
  10. PS - While it’s easy enough to create a File Action to reveal aliases in the same manner as everything else in Finder (tell application "Finder" to reveal thePath), this doesn’t solve the more common problem - where users rely on "cmd + ↩︎" to “Reveal in Finder (if local)”.
  11. When handling aliases for files/folders - either when browsing or through the usual search - I wish Alfred’s "Reveal in Finder" actions actually revealed the alias and not the file the alias is pointing to. In the scheme of things, while this is a relatively minor issue, it has always driven me crazy. This behavior is not only odd when dealing with the usual search results, but it's especially jarring when browsing in Alfred. If I use "cmd + ↩︎" to reveal an alias that I'm looking at when browsing in Alfred, I doesn't make any sense to me why Alfred's default behavior would be to reveal the actual file and not the alias. It's confusing enough with the usual search results, and it's especially odd when browsing. I can understand why revealing the actual file from an alias can be useful, but this has always struck me as odd that it’s the default behavior. Why not add this as a file action behavior (if people want it)? Or, at least provide users with an option in the “Advanced” panel where users can turn on/off how Alfred reveals aliases?
  12. Thanks for your consideration, @Andrew!! Not that BTT should be the gold standard, but when there's a conflict created by the user (e.g., assigning the same key combination to the same app with focus) BTT just gives a remedial selection where the user can select which hotkey/action the user wants to trigger (based on the titles the user gave them in BTT). For some users, I suspect they're happy to have this sort of a "true" conflict and to rely on the dialog to select the appropriate action each time. For me, however, it's just helpful to realize when I've screwed up and need to go back and reassign a different key combination. Or, on the rare occasion where I do want both using the same key combination in the same app, then I create menu in Alfred to tie them to (i.e., so I don't have to use BTT's ugly dialog). I'm sure there are better ways - like internally checking and providing feedback to the user as they're setting the key combination in Alfred, etc. - but BTT's approach works pretty well, too.
  13. Thanks for your help, @deanishe & @vitor!! I'm glad to hear that I'm not just overlooking something. In any case, I took your advice and reposted it in the Feature Request section:
  14. At the moment, when you assign a key combination to a particular hotkey in Alfred, it keeps you from using the same key combination with a different hotkey. While this make sense in most scenarios, when the hotkey is assigned to a particular app - as specified in the Related Apps panel of the hotkey, and selecting the option that limits the hotkey to when the app takes focus - it seems unnecessary to restrict the user from using the same key combination with other apps that might have focus. As a result, I'd like to request this feature be added to Alfred. Without this ability, it causes users to have to come up with increasingly ridiculous key combinations that they can never remember (OK ... that I can never remember 😉). Or, to rely on another intermediary app - like the Better Touch Tool - to assign app-specific shortcuts that are attached to External Triggers in Alfred. BTT is great, but let's cut out the middleman and keep Alfred's shortcuts in Alfred!! Thanks for your consideration! PS - This request comes from a previous that can be found here:
  15. Is it possible to use the same key combination in different hotkeys when they're assigned to different apps? In other words, can I assign the same combination of keys to different apps (by adding the app to the Related Apps panel of the hotkey, and selecting the option that only activates it when the app has focus)? This is something that has always confused me about Alfred, so I wanted to check to see if I was doing something wrong. From what I can tell, Alfred won’t let you assign the same key combination to more than one hotkey - even when they only operate when different apps have focus. To get around this issue, a long time ago, I stopped adding hotkeys directly in Alfred and started adding External Triggers that I assign to a keyboard shortcut in the Better Touch Tool app. But this has always struck me as odd. Am I doing something wrong here? Is this possible in Alfred? Thanks for your help!
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