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  1. @deanishe & @vitor Thanks a ton for getting back to me! I'm sorry that I missed your responses earlier this week. I accidentally setup an email rule that was being a little too aggressive with messages from the forum! Ha I tried several different ways. But was never able to get the website to submit its query properly. For example, I can get search terms into the form by using some version of the following: searchSafari("Yahoo", "searchText") of me on searchSafari(theQuery, theFormId) tell application "Safari" activate open location "https://developer
  2. Can I ask you guys a very basic question about how to run searches on these types of websites (i.e., ones whose URLs don't change after being run via javascript)? Admittedly, whenever I come across one of these websites that I’d like to put in Alfred’s web searches, I always wind up throwing in the towel out of frustration. I can never figure out how to even find the name of the appropriate function. For example, in @FreeeG's room website, @deanishe where did you find “getRooms()”? I’m ashamed to admit that I tried looking through the inspector using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox -
  3. @deanishe I can't thank you enough for all of your help with this script. But hope the beer will help. Thanks a ton for the script, and for including the notation. I'm really looking forward to pouring through it, and applying elements from it to other scripts I was working on. As you know, I was struggling with some basic python and Alfred-related things, and I can now see how the two are integrated. Honestly, I can't thank you enough!
  4. @deanishe Sure - here you go: https://gofile.io/d/ELbM9L Thanks again!
  5. Sure - no problem! Thanks a ton for offering to take a closer look it. I've uploaded the workflow for you here: https://gofile.io/d/qeVPit Thanks again for all of your help!
  6. @deanishe Thanks a ton for all of the helpful notes and suggestions above. Among other things, you're absolutely right that I kept screwing up what was being compared, in my previous attempts. I was having a hard time adapting some of the python tutorials I found online. And, as for the unknown variable, matchSG, while this wasn't the cause of my prior failed attempts, I mistakenly added to my simplified example posted above (the real version uses this term instead of match, since it's matching more than one thing). I might be doing something wrong again, but I wasn't
  7. @deanishe I was wondering if I could pick your brain once more? After doing some more testing, I realized that this approach requires your query to match the string exactly (ignoring case, of course). However, I'd prefer for to be a little less strict about this and include circumstances where the elements of a query in the string, but not in the same order. For example, if the user types in "term1 term2" I'd like it to also match scenarios where the string is "term1 term3 term2". At the moment, it will only with match strings with term1 and term2 right next to each oth
  8. @Andrew Thanks for the explanation! I should have thought to test whether that window behavior option had any bearing on the "Browse in Alfred" stacking option. In fact, I didn't realize that it could even carry through an intermediary object, such as a Junction or Replace object. That's great news (and everything is working perfectly fine now)! Thanks a ton!
  9. @Andrew I'm not sure if this is a bug or a related feature request, but I was wondering if the "Browse in Alfred" object's new stacking option could escape back to the last visible Alfred window? For example, if you have a Junction or Replace object between a File Filter or something else that you've got connected to the Browse object, the new stacking option won't escape back to the File Filter (e.g., (1) File Filter, (2) Replace, (3) Browse in Alfred). Thanks again!
  10. @deanishe I can't thank you enough for all your patience and helpful explanations. I was completely confused by the order of operation, and ready to throw in the towel last evening. But, thanks to your help, I finally have everything working - which is super helpful for me to build from, etc. Thanks a ton! For others that may see this in the future, I made one minor change to the script above. After noticing that it was matching trailing spaces in a way that differed from Alfred's usual filtering, I just added a line to remove them. So, now the upper portion reads some
  11. Hahaha @deanishe Your script looked so "simple" to me, that I thought you published Google's search algorithm or IBM Watson's thoughts In layman's terms, I wanted the script to perform exactly how it usually does, with the only exception being that I wanted to be able hit a modifier key ⌘ that would pass my current query to another script, in circumstances where I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. Because I haven't had any success implementing things, at the moment, I just let Alfred do the filtering and have my modifier pass an empty argument - which gets me wh
  12. Sure thing,@Andrew - I think the new workflow feature is fantastic! I'm glad to hear that you'll be adding some version of it to the default navigation options, too. Even if it's the more simple version, with a checkbox, that's great news! Thanks a ton.
  13. @deanishe Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate your suggestions, but I'm afraid this stuff is way over my head. Honestly, your "simple" example almost made my head explode. And I really don't understand where to even add the code that you suggested. I really didn't want to try to do the filtering myself. But I was under the impression that I had to, if I wanted to capture the query? When Alfred does the filtering, the script only runs once - which makes it impossible to capture the query, right? (unless you require the argument beforehand, etc.) Is there a way th
  14. @Andrew The new view stack option, which allows users to define the escape behavior of the Browse object, was a brilliant addition to version 4.3.2! And, I was wondering if you'd be willing to take things a litte further? Namely, would you consider adding this option to Alfred's default navigation settings (File Search > Navigation)? When using Alfred's normal and quick file search modes, I regularly find myself dipping into a document or a folder to find something, and then wanting to escape right back into the query (because I didn't find what I was looking for).
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