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  1. @nikivi I was looking for a solution to a different problem when I came across your post. In short, I struggled with the same clipboard/image issue in the past, and wound up making a simplistic workflow that dumps the most recent clipboard entry on the desktop as a jpg. It's hardly perfect, but it might help you get by until Alfred adds a more interactive clipboard. In any event, I've uploaded it for you here: https://gofile.io/d/AeWYKH Although it only works with the most recent clipboard entry, you could always add an argument to the front that allows yo
  2. @svinter Sorry for the slow response. Unfortunately, I don't think there's been any traction with this specific issue or the more broad one, concerning access to built-in workflows. I've begged for this in the context of file actions, a few times, but no luck ... just quite yet. 🙏 @Andrew
  3. @deanishe Thanks for taking a look at it again. As usual, your suggestion worked perfectly! I'm looking forward to going back and updating some of my other scripts. Thanks a ton!! @vitor Thanks for the editor suggestion, too. I just installed Visual Studio Code, and it's output is definitely a lot easier to see than working directly in Alfred or using Atom or BBEdit. Thanks!! By chance, do either of you guys have any suggestions for resources or tutorials for python newbies who would like to do a little tinkering in Alfred, etc.?
  4. @deanishe Thanks again for all of your help. And, for the editor suggestions, too! I haven't tried either of those editors yet, so I'll check them out. Much appreciated! As for script itself, I'm afraid that I keep getting the same string indices error. I've included the script below, and uploaded a test workflow at the link provided. My apologies for not uploading the workflow earlier. I didn't think there'd be enough people with DEVONthink to have any interest (or people to test, for that matter). In any case, thanks again for any help you can lend! Download Test Workflow
  5. @deanishe Thanks a ton for getting back to me. This is super helpful! Although I've run into this issue on several occasions, this post was prompted by my frustration trying to modify a portion of Charles Ma's workflow (which I had originally changed to read a different plist file in DEVONthink). I tried implementing your suggestions in a couple of different ways, but am running into similar errors as before. I've included one such iteration below. The line that is commented out is essentially where the script used to stop. I assume I'm implementing the "for" loop incor
  6. I have a very basic python question that I was hoping to get a little help with that involves filtering out list items in a script filter. At the moment, the script filter works great except that it includes a few items I'd prefer not to see in Alfred's output. Is there any easy way to remove items whose titles can be found in another list? Admittedly, I normally do these sorts of things in AppleScript - which is pretty easy to do in this case - except that I’ve been trying to learn a little python, given all of the limitations with AppleScript (which @deanishe and @vitor have righ
  7. Is there a way to sequentially feed different file names through Alfred’s replace utilities and then apply them to the appropriate files at the end? By way of background, I have a workflow that I’ve been using religiously for a few years which takes a file name and then feeds it through numerous replace utilities to help me name the research-related articles on my computer in a consistent manner (mostly pdfs). As you might imagine, each individual replace utility is specific to a particular source or naming convention from my field (fixing commas, odd characters, capitalization iss
  8. Works great on my end now, too! Thanks @Andrew (and @vitor)!!
  9. @vitor FWIW - I've had this issue for quite some time, too. macOS 10.15.6 Alfred 4.1.1 (1170)
  10. I would love to be able to directly access all of Alfred's default file actions in my workflows. @Andrew recently added some awesome new actions for the buffer - and, Alfred already included some of the other default file actions, like Reveal and Browse - but I'd love to be able to access other default file actions, too - such as Open With, Recent Documents, etc. At the moment, if you want to access these without extra steps, you have to use GUI-based approaches that type the file action's name into the File Action panel, which are always imminently fragile and problematic.
  11. @csaborio & @dfay Out of curiosity, do you guys know if this issue has improved since your last post (re: Add Apple Music track to playlists and/or user library, etc.)? I'd like to be able to: Add the current track playing from Apple Music to my user library (so that it's now in my library, or so that I can later add it to playlist, etc.), and Add the current track playing from Apple Music directly to a playlist without first adding it to my user library As for the first issue, I've had a little luck using the following line to get the track into my library:
  12. @deanishe & @vitor Yeah, I hear you. I keep trying to peck at the other languages, but have struggled. If I told you how much time I've spent on these (and other terrible) workflows, you'd laugh. As you can tell, I don't work in tech and barely understand AppleScript. Baby steps! Ha While I'm obviously not familiar with these things, I still find it somewhat surprising there isn't a better library/dictionary for AppleScript to use for purposes of JSON outputs. The one that I relied on in the example - which is also used by a lot of other Alfred workflows - hasn't been maintaine
  13. @deanishe Thanks a ton for taking a crack at it. I really appreciate it. As you would expect, you script works perfectly! And, @deanishe & @vitor your comments were also really helpful, too. I'm going to try and wrap my head around them, and get back to you. At the end of the day, it's obvious that I just need to start getting better with other languages 🤦‍♂️. Thanks again!
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