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  1. @sballin The update works like a charm on my machine, too. You're the best! Thanks a ton!!
  2. @sballin Yeah, on my system, it's only located in: /System/Applications
  3. @sballin I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but when I run your workflow and it shows the search results, I see the workflow's icon next to each note (i.e., not the default Notes.app icon or anything else). Hope this helps!
  4. @sballin I'm not sure if it's helpful, but here's the path to the Notes app: /System/Applications/Notes.app
  5. @sballin Thanks for your help! Omitting the initial lines from the debug log, here's where the error occurs: ... ... [14:35:44.266] Notes - Search [Script Filter] Processing complete [14:35:44.282] Notes - Search [Script Filter] Passing output 'x-coredata://BC2A1C56-125D-4468-A9F8-D42448AC3262/ICNote/p3639' to Run NSAppleScript [14:35:44.439] ERROR: Notes - Search [Run NSAppleScript] { NSAppleScriptErrorAppName = Notes; NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "AppleEvent handler failed."; NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "Notes got an error: AppleEvent handler failed."; NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-10000"; NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {67, 20}"; } Thanks again!
  6. @sballin Since updating to Catalina last evening, I'm still able to search for everything using your fantastic workflow. However, when I select the note that I want to open from Alfred, the workflow won't open it. The workflow looks like it's working as usual, but nothing happens. I noticed that there is a "Note Opener" app in the workflow. Is this the usual "unidentified developer" problem with Catalina? Unlike other workflows that had this issue, I did not receive the usual error indicating that it was trying to run an app from an identified developer. Any ideas what might be causing the problem? Others above seem to be OK since updating to Catalina (or at least one of the betas). Your workflow is one of my favorites on Alfred!! Thanks for your help!
  7. In Alfred's "File Search" preferences panel, it'd be helpful if the butler added a "Don't Show" option for Videos. He's already got an option for "music", how about videos, too? And, if that's not a possibility, how about a general exclusions panel where users can drop in anything that they might want to exclude, such as MP4s, Excel files, etc. Thanks for your consideration!
  8. My apologies @Andrew, I should have been a little more clear. I was asking whether the fantastic new * method for finding matches across multiple fields - as you've shown in the screenshot above, with the metadata field set to * - is limited to searching the nine default fields provided in the file filter or whether Alfred's actually searching all metadata fields on our system (e.g., kMDItemTextContent, kMDItemFSName, and all else)? Thanks again!
  9. @Andrew Thanks for making this update! It's super helpful!! Quick Question: Is it searching all available metadata fields or just the usual nine fields listed in Alfred's dropdown? Thanks! As for the improvements you alluded to above, is there any way this will include the ability to limit/specify the metadata fields? 😀🤞 Alfred rocks! Thanks again, @Andrew!
  10. @deanishe Agreed - it's just a problem in Alfred's preferences, as described above. And, to be clear, it's a relatively minor UX problem in the scheme of things. For the most part, I really like Alfred 4's new look. While the point about dark themes and usability across light and dark themes is fair, it's odd to rule out the use of dark iconography now in Alfred's preferences. Ignoring Alfred's longstanding use of gray/light backgrounds and black typography, there are a lot of people with vision-related issues that depend on white/gray/light backgrounds and dark text/icons for legibility purposes. Not to mention the fact that Alfred's own icon is hardly visible in the settings described above. Take a look at the screenshots below. Why create visibility constraints that even the app's own icon doesn't work well under?
  11. I’ve posted this as a bug but, in fairness, it’s a feature of Alfred 4 (and not a bug). Namely, some aspects of Alfred 4’s new GUI are too dark to be legible in some use cases - particularly for those who use dark iconography. In the workflows section of Alfred’s Preferences, this problem manifests itself where the icons are displayed in the inner sidebar and in the informational portion at the top of the window. In the screenshots below, note how difficult it is to see the black search / magnifying glass icon? For me, it’s more of a functionality problem than an issue of aesthetics, as I rely on the sidebar icons to quickly find the workflow I’m looking for. While the text looks good, unfortunately, the icons are no longer visible in Alfred 4. Workflows - Sidebar Workflows - Informational Portion (top of screen) The second place where this issue comes up in Alfred’s Preferences is when viewing Snippets. While this problem also involves the use of black iconography - for snippet Collections, specifically - it’s only visible to those who use MacOS in dark mode (but use a light Alfred theme). In these cases, the background color behind the collections’ windows is dark, making black icons impossible to see (see screenshot below). Features - Snippets - Collections Window There are a ton of ways these issues can be fixed, so I thought I'd throw out a few: Easiest fix: use lighter background colors in these cases (e.g., flipping the two purple colors in the sidebar, so the dark is on the outside) (e.g., going with a lighter gray/black in the upper information) Another fix: add another display option with a lighter color, such as those accessed via the gear next to Alfred's workflow filter (screenshot below). However, something else would have to be done about the snippets/collections problem, since it lacks such options. My favorite fix: add a color palette option to Alfred's main preferences. Personally, I like OmniFocus' approach, which provides users with three options for: automatic, light, and dark modes (see screenshot below - they call the "light" version, just plain old OmniFocus). Here, the automatic mode would just follow the MacOS designation, and the others would allow users to manually place Alfred in either mode. Among other things, this would entail creating a light mode - or in keeping with OmniFocus, just a plain old "Alfred" mode - where the issues outlined above are easier to see (in addition to maintaining the lighter toolbar, which Alfred already does when MacOS is not in dark mode). Thanks for your consideration!
  12. Thanks, @vitor!! I didn't realize that first screenshot was from the menu bar / status menu. That's pretty neat! Is it possible to view the remaining time from Alfred, too - or is it status bar only? Thanks. Cool project, too!
  13. @vitor I was thinking about replacing my current pomodoro timer with another tool that was a little more Alfred-friendly, when I came across your workflow. This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. One quick question: Does your workflow tell you how much time is left on the timer? It doesn't look like it does, but I just wanted to make sure. From what I can tell from the app's GitHub page, it doesn't look like it's possible to either. Thanks for your help!
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