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Notion Global Quick Add Keyboard Shortcut For Alfred

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The biggest frustration I had was the lack of a global quick add shortcut for Notion. So after searching around, I found this article by Tom Barav, with an instructional video created by Tal Cherniak.

These are the steps they mention that need to be done BEFORE you download and install the workflow attached. These are not my steps. These steps are thanks to Tal Cherniak, made available by Tom Barav.


  1. First install the Google Chrome Notion clipper
  2. Click on the clipper icon on Google chrome when it installs
  3. Right click it and click inspect
  4. Go to console and type window.location
  5. If it doesn't show up, you're going to have to click on the eye for "Live expression" (as of Chrome 81.0) and retype it
  6. Copy the URL you see from it, and enter it in a new Chrome tab
  7. Then go to Chrome sidebar options, More tools and click "Create shortcut"
  8. It will open, type in a name and check "Open as window". Name doesn't matter because you'll simply use a keyboard shortcut. I named mine 'nt'
  9. As soon as you confirm that, a Finder window will open and show you that nt.app was saved in one of Chrome's folders.


My "workflow" is just a keyboard shortcut. When you're done importing it, change it to whatever you prefer.

This workflow does the following:

  • Creates a shortcut Control + Option + Command + N
  • Assumes your Chrome App is named nt 


PS: This is super rudimentary, so an actual notion guru can feel free to step in if there needs to be a fix or enhancement.


Download it from my Google Drive here.






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On 5/10/2020 at 5:47 AM, Yourname said:

This is super rudimentary, so an actual notion guru can feel free to step in if there needs to be a fix or enhancement.


Will this work if I set up the workflow using Chrome, and then uninstall Chrome from the system? Or is it just a keyboard shortcut for that particular extension?


Edit: Ignore my comment above. I figured out that this workflow is just invoking the Chrome App, which means it's impossible to run without using Chrome. Novel idea though 🙂 

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Unfortunately, it appears that this no longer works for Notion Web Clipper, as entering the extension URL into a new tab results in an empty page with an endlessly looping grey loading icon. 


I tried this process for other extensions (ex: Save to Notion) and it worked seamlessly.  

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