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  1. Yes, I did. But still no luck. They don't show up when I prepend the app name with 'open'. But they do once I've searched them on Spotlight first.
  2. So, I have been facing a weird bug lately. Alfred is randomly unable to search for and launch apps. However, once I search for that app on Spotlight (don't have to run it) and then try searching for it on Alfred, that app is accessible now. It will stay accessible for a few days until it will again randomly stop showing up on Alfred, unless I search for it again on Spotlight. Notable to mention, one app Alfred just can't search for is Spotify, even though I've searched and launched it using spotlight multiple times. I have tried completely deleting Alfred (including preference files) and reinstalling it, but to no avail. The same problem persists. I am just short of reinstalling the whole macOS itself, which I am not very keen to. Has anyone else faced this issue? If so, then how did you solve it?
  3. How can I use this script and make it shorten using my personal Google URL shortener?
  4. Downloaded the workflow from Alfred.fm. Says 'Authentication failed!"
  5. I am not trying to nitpick, but I think 120GB should have translated to 1,22,880MB and not 1,20,000MB. Additionally, what command should I use to convert 5 feet 8 inches to meters?
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