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Unlabeled controls in alfred 2 preferences


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Continuing on accessibility topic :-)


There are a few issues while using alfred preferences window with voiceover.


steps to reproduce:

1. turn on voiceover (command+f5)

2. launch alfred preferences

3. using control+option+right arrow, move voiceover cursor through the first pane of the dialog (general settings).


Current results:

1. You can not select the field that is used to input alfred hotkey with voiceover.

When tabbing, the field is also not announced although it receives focus.

2. Notice there are a few unlabeled buttons after "check now", which voiceover announces as "button" (without saying its name/purpose)


Eexpected results:

1. Vo should announce the hotkey input field and its content.

2. Unlabeled buttons should be labeled.


Environment: os x 10.8.3, the latest alfred 2.

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