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Option to specify app(s) for snippet collections.


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Usage: I want to specify application for snippet collections so that say collection A snippets will only snip in Chrome.


Currently I can only the reversed way by selecting which apps I do not want snippet to occur under "auto expansion options". But since it applies to all collections it is inconvenient.

It would make more sense to just select the apps that I want, or select "snip for all apps" for each collection, or have "snip for all apps" be the default.


Basically, each snippet collection should have its own separate list of apps.

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Yes! Typinator has this feature, and having migrated half of my snippets back to Alfred due to its UI and preview box (still wish for code syntax and a resizable or bigger box--that would be a dream come true!!), I'm sorely missing this feature. 


I'm stuck with using two snippet manager, (three if you count the Keyboard Maestro palettes) and hopefully this can be a feature in a future releSE!

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