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Click menubar icon to toggle Alfred


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Hi currently I toggle alfred through menu bar, one needs to click the menu bar Alfred icon, move mouse down and then click "toggle alfred". This is three steps.

Would it be possible to have an option to make it one step. So the option would be click the menu bar Alfred icon, which toggle Alfred. Spotlight have this one-step behaviour.

Further, it is be nice to allow configuration, for example, configure the click to toggle clipboard. I use clipboard extensively, and some clipboard manager have a menu bar icon, once clicked, will toggle the clipboard manager float window. Alfred by far have the best clipboard manager, so I would really hope Alfred can have this function.


Note: I understand I can toggle default window/clipboard through keyboard shortcut. I am an IT professional, throughout the years, I thought I only need keyboard and terminal. But then I start to develop Carpal tunnel syndrome. That's when I start to diversify my input method, mouse/trackpad/dictation. So it would be nice I can toggle alfred default window/clipboard within one menu bar click. Thank you!

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