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  1. Rocommend a GitHub repository to contribute i18n
  2. The problem is Only the {query} macro is expanded in scripts. Question is I need that variable {var:code} One way is, I put it in the query, split inside the command
  3. It's my fault, now, only {var:code} is not work when echo in script I have pasted code.
  4. because global variable not work in terminal command so I will transfer shell from script to command, but echo not work ``` echo "/Users/qhe/Documents/Shell/test_vpn.sh {var:code} {query} $MAC_PASSWORD $USERNAME $PASSWORD" ``` What's wrong. variable and global variable not work
  5. I create a simpler bluetooth manager https://github.com/alanhg/alfred-workflows/blob/master/bluetooth-manager/Bluetooth Manager.alfredworkflow toggle connect bluetooth
  6. native support ,when you enter, browser open url
  7. I understand, thank you, I will use modifier to achieve. Thank you double tap supported modifier keys is ⌃ ⌥ ⌘ ⇧
  8. How to set a double-click hotkey, such as double T I have tried, double-shift is work,but double d or double t is not work .etc ,and computer beeped , why? because hotkey conflict?
  9. I solve it , thank you. It's my fault , I have found the introduction page before, but did not pay attention to the following content
  10. I ’m a Chinese worker. I usually switch between English and Chinese. When I call Alfred by hotkey, I want input source is English, Even if my current input method was Chinese. This has the advantage that I can find the file by typing ’ without having to manually switch the input source.
  11. When I select a pic , and ⌘ C, I will get file's name, but I need copied path. Because I will scp the file to my vps. When I operate like the following .I will get query ,but it's just filename
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