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  1. https://u.tools Support Plugin / JavaScript http://www.wox.one/ Support Plugin/ Any Language,but C#,Python is better Open Source
  2. I sent an email, but I haven't received a test invitation yet.
  3. Target email is info@ the obvious Alfred domain. [Edited by Vero, please don't put our whole email address to be picked up by spam bots. ] I sent you the email.
  4. I have update it. But I think it’s better to show free memory
  5. Good demand, I will realize it.
  6. download url:https://github.com/alanhg/alfred-workflows/tree/master/progress-bar you can set your birthdate and lifetime.
  7. @deanishe How to view command history? Do you mean Alfred Query history? https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/quick-tip-view-your-recent-query-history/
  8. Is there any way to show a list that i customized when I trigger alfred and no input any word ?
  9. I think you can write workflow by Apple Script. It support some mail operation. so you can scripting to create mail template. It
  10. In theory, it is possible, and Apple Script can do it. I am currently considering developing one, but it will take some time. What I want to solve is to list all my Apple devices, choose any one and press Enter, device starts beeping.
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