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  1. Hotkey conflict https://github.com/alanhg/others-note/issues/1
  2. you can debug it , and post log-screenshot , like this
  3. In principle, it depends on the selected file and opens it from finder, even if you select the file in path finder, I tested it and it is OK.
  4. I noticed that the default settings file location is /Applications/Alfred 4.app/Contents/Preferences/Alfred Preferences.app, and if sync is set, the location will change to the specified location, which means there is only one configuration file .
  5. 1. Alfred is great app 2. crowdin is great website to do i18n 3. I think alfred should consider it , I am very happy to do Chinese translation.
  6. Currently does not support language settings
  7. https://www.mediaatelier.com/CheatSheet/ can help u
  8. when trigger alfred , In addition to entering keywords by key, I hope to provide voice input
  9. you can have a try. Now, it is only simplified, right click=„Äč share=„Äčairdrop operation https://github.com/alanhg/alfred-workflows/blob/master/airdrop/Airdrop.alfredworkflow
  10. I think the auto layout here can be gradually improved, starting from the details. for example, when dragging a node, I can display the alignment line, and then can have the adsorption function to make the node very good horizontal or vertical alignment. just like PhotoShop or Omni app
  11. you should restart system and you can have a try
  12. Okay, looking forward to it. In addition, as mentioned above, I hope the sound can be previewed.
  13. I think sound should support preview. and I think sound list is incomplete, like empty trash sound is not included.
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