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  1. For chinese,recommend to use baidu ocr, it's free I create a workflow https://github.com/alanhg/alfred-workflows/tree/master/ocr
  2. Alfred natively provides the functionality starting with 4.1 how to use?
  3. Now,when copy file , clipboard history only display and paste as filename. I think it should still be treated as a file
  4. when active item and press backspace, item can be deleted when select
  5. When pasting, sometimes, I want to paste multiple histories at once. Currently I need to call up the Clipboard history multiple times. If multiple selections are supported, for example, while pressing Shift or Command as modifier key, apply multiple selections will be a very good experience.
  6. Hotkey conflict https://github.com/alanhg/others-note/issues/1
  7. you can debug it , and post log-screenshot , like this
  8. In principle, it depends on the selected file and opens it from finder, even if you select the file in path finder, I tested it and it is OK.
  9. I noticed that the default settings file location is /Applications/Alfred 4.app/Contents/Preferences/Alfred Preferences.app, and if sync is set, the location will change to the specified location, which means there is only one configuration file .
  10. 1. Alfred is great app 2. crowdin is great website to do i18n 3. I think alfred should consider it , I am very happy to do Chinese translation.
  11. Currently does not support language settings
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