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  1. Is it open to the us? If it is open, you can post a download link.
  2. I got it,thank you. I think Apple Script it's a way. I still hope that the clipboard does not copy selected text. This is very annoying, or provides an option before recovery
  3. yes,but system clipboard also have it. I just want modify selected text.
  4. I try it, but not work. Any method to modify selected text instead of by copy to clipboard? My original intention was to modify the selected text.
  5. As above is my current action, but the question is that I don't want text to go into my clipboard
  6. sometimes, I store shell or code as snippet. I hope the text syntax highlighting . like this.
  7. yes, shortcuts trigger alfred and for ios
  8. support shortcuts. such as, I can trigger shorcuts about Alfred Remote , then remote interact with Mac Alfred. it can lock/volume and so on.
  9. You are right! I found the issue is sync method is blocked. Thank you!
  10. I don't know what happened? no log in debug panel. but it's ok when i run the script in teriminal. I think it's not nodejs issue.
  11. Sometimes, I hope to select multi items to paste at once. For example, press ⬇️ to select multi items when ⇧ select.
  12. User can copy content when select item and press ⌘ C, I want to post a notification. how? Any trigger to achieve it.
  13. The two do not conflict. If it is already on the workflow tab. it's better.
  14. I think hotkey should enhance, because it improve productivity. When active on any workflow and hotkey- ⌘ F, cursor should move to Filter input. Besides, ⌘ 1-6 change tab is perfect if support it.
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