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Ask Siri using Alfred

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Hello friends,

I've been struggling with Apple Music for a long time.

I really like Siri's "play some music" feature, which plays a random personalized station.

But, to my knowledge the only way to invoke it is using Siri or through the recently played menu in the app.

In general, I'd like to give commands to Siri using Alfred, but the only way I've come up with is using "type to Siri", causing an annoying pop up menu that takes decades to disappear...

Do you have any ideas for improvement?

Thanks :)




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2 minutes ago, DrewOS said:

You might be able to do something using Shortcuts with the Music app Shortcuts can be called from command line so can be added to Alfred workflows.

Cool idea, but music app shortcuts are only useful for library stuff from my experience…

You can’t really input a song or artist and make it play the right one… Lacks Siri’s intelligence (better than nothing right?🤪).

Also, Siri can understand stuff like “shuffle my library”, “play my station” etc.

Seems like this workflow will take a lot of work and many shortcuts to do basic things…

Do you have any smart ideas regarding the implementation? I tried something similar here but it didn’t work well…


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